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Small Business Web Site Design
All small business starts with a great idea, but maybe not the largest budget. We have developed systems to create great looking, purposeful, and easy to maintain web sites for the small business customer on a bootstrap budget.

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Good web design is more than just selecting a color scheme!

Your website is likely to be the first interaction a potential customer will have with your business. Knowing that first impressions are crucial. You run a professional business, so it makes sense that your web site should portray that fact. Our staff of professional web designers is passionate about great, usable design. In fact, our favorite tagline is... "Brand it to Death".

How do we do it? Simple, we listen! Then we apply our skills, experience and collaborate with our clients to create a truly unique and representative website experience.

  • Our website development process follows a solid understanding of the target audience, information architecture and technical requirements, including database development and platform concerns.
  • Our design team works closely with our programmers to ensure that the design philosophy remains true throughout the development phase; maintaining visual consistency while integrating the appropriate functionality.
  • Our goal is to create an emotional connection with the user through the visual design and functionality of the website. We know how to make sites that work well - sites that are clean, usable and most of all, memorable.

The result is a better user experience and increased brand recognition for our clients.

We ensure that all goals and objectives are met:

We work with our clients on website concepts and objectives, business rules, platform/technology needs, target market needs as well as competitive and industry analysis. Once analysis is complete we help to determine the site navigation plan, user pshychology anticipation and planning for future scalability.


Our team approaches each project with a customer-centric design perspective. We work closely with our clients to identify target audience, highlight key message points, and understand detailed business objectives to deliver an identity that will create true Presence.


jtdesigns will complete the development and integration of all elements of the Internet presence and then commence final acceptance testing. During this phase, the site will be placed on a testing server to provide ample opportunity for revisions and modifications to occur prior to final testing.


We subject all website components to rigorous quality standards. During the course of development, the project creative director serves as Quality Assurance (“QA”) lead and is responsible for the initial development of the overall delivery strategy and plan for the deployment of the website graphics and multimedia applications.


Once the extensive quality assurance checks have been satisfactorily completed, jtdesigns will launch the project and deliver project documentation.



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