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What's our preference?
We prefer a Linux based PHP, MySQL development environment. Open source, reliable, and scalable. It's that simple.

E-Commerce Demystified
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 2005 4th Qtr. US E-Commerce sales totaled $22.9 billion, up 23% from the same period a year prior.

CMS-Back Features
Your Content Management system can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. No matter where you are in the world you can login and manage every aspect of your site.

- Web Based Login
- WYSIWYG Page Editor
- Built in HTML Editor
- Email Marketing
- Shipping Control
- Order Management
- Customer Accounts
- Discount Codes
- Email Confirmation
- Receipt Generation
- Inventory Management
- Product Management

... and more. We have built this system from the ground up using our knowledge and experience as the driving force. We do not utilize out-of-the-box solutions as they limit your ability and functionality.

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SERVICES_web development

Web Development is the engine powering your web site.

No matter how good the design is for your web site, it means little if it does not do anything. Web Development is the engine behind a web site. Selling products or services, or enrolling subscriptions, these are the mechanisms that provide the critical revenue for your online business.

The many facets of Web Development; PHP, ASP, dot NET, Java, Ajax or Ruby. The many programming languages are more personal preference than indications of functional capability. In skilled hands, any language can create compelling, seamless, applications that add value to your web based project. Our Web development services:

Delivering just a marketing focused web site is not enough in the information age. Web users expect a level of interaction beyond just link clicking and flash animations.

Our Web Development Services:

E-Commerce Systems

The Online Marketplace Has Come of Age. E-Commerce is no longer an alternative to doing transactions; its the preferred way. Online buyers are more comfortable and knowledgeable than ever. Your clients now expect you to sell your product and service online, otherwise they are willing to find a competitor who does.

Does Your Web Site Say ‘Buy’ or ‘Bye’? How easy can your customer find and purchase your product? E-commerce is all about compelling and assisting your buyer to complete the sale. Three words you don’t want to hear often: “Shopping Cart Abandonment”. Your E-commerce site must be easy to use from arrival to checkout. We ensure that you maximize your online profits by leveraging the newest e-commerce technologies to turn casual browsers into buyers.

Content Management Systems

If Content Is King, Build It a Castle. Content is the soul of all web sites. For one company its their product descriptions, event calendars and press releases. For another, its their gallery of images, resume and biography. Whatever your content is, you need to control it; not us. We don’t maintain web sites - we develop them so our customers do.

A content management system (CMS) is an application for creating, maintaining, and organizing content. Ours comes with an easy-to-use administration section that a user can log in and directly edit the content on the website. Ultimately, a CMS creates the ability for people to update their websites rather than pay someone else to make changes every time they have something to change.

You are the master of your content. You need to control how people see it. We give you the key.

Database Management

The Core of a Web Application. One of the best advantages of creating custom web applications is being able to integrate with existing databases. Entering the same order again in an offline system? An online store should talk directly to your accounting software. Our expertise in database development extends beyond the web.


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